After Builders Cleaning

Cleaning as we know is an essential part of our everyday life. It is evident that we may take care of the cleaning needs of our house on a regular basis. However some specific cleaning is recommended to be taken care of by professional cleaning service providers. For that matter when your house goes through renovation or you move to an entirely new house you need the help of experts who can perform the after builders cleaning for you.

We are Cleaners Islington and provide professional after builders cleaning services in North London. The main reason to use our cleaning services is that after any interior work or renovation at a place it is still inhabitable due to the debris or dust left behind by decorators or developers.

After Builders Cleaning in IslingtonPrices
After Builders Cleaningfrom £21

We provide you one of the most affordable and reliable after builders cleaning services for your home. We have a dedicated team of experts who have a lot of experience in the industry. So you could be assured of the quality of the service we would deliver.

They have also been trained from time to time so that they are well aware of the latest tools and approach to clean your place better. Besides experience and teachings we equip them with the most advanced tools and equipments so that they do the best with them to your place.

Our cleaning schedule includes the following approach as a standardized approach for all:

  • We start with removing the Rubble and debris
  • It’s followed by mopping the floors and cleaning the carpets
  • Then we follow the cleaning of the doors and windows from every angle
  • In case the walls are water proof we wash them with the best chemicals to bring out the life in it
  • Then the wardrobe and the surfaces of the cupboards are cleaned
  • We wash the electrical appliances, stairs, and handrails too
  • Skirting boards and light switches along with the sockets are washed
  • Mirrors and paintings are also wiped
  • And the end is followed up by removal of garbage

So you when you need a professional service provider to give you the best after cleaning service for your place then give us a call and our experts would be there to help you.

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